Why to travel with kids in a motorhome?

Why to travel with kids in a motorhome?


  1. Kids love camping
    The nature is just around you, you may encounter animals at very close distance… that’s every camper’s dream, or traveler’s dream. A lot of things on offer, more people, more crowds, more laughter, kids love all these.
  2. Motorhome (RV) means you have all your ‘house’ together with you
    Food, clothes, bed… everything. So whenever kids feel hungry, you can cook food for them right on the spot; when they are tired, choose bed or sofa; when they want to pee or poop, the toilet is just there, no line to queue, what else that can give you headache? Only the kids’ temperament or maybe lost the chance of photograph that black bear when your husband driving too fast?
  3. Different than Car that parents driving everyday
    Curiosity is essential for kids. They love to see new things and even get their hands on it. Driving the big motorhome will give them just that. Keeping them engaged all through the trip.
  4. Economical
    You may think that just buying a trailer is more economical. But for normal travelers from abroad, and need to rent cars for communal purpose, hiring a motorhome sounds more sensible.

There are a lot of companies offering motorhome rental or campervan all around the world, one tip for you is to book early if you know when your next trip coming up, which will save you a lot of money & hassle (not like us, always last min). 🙂


*Our experience of travelling with the little one in a motorhome is published as the separate post here.

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