“Mommy, you won’t die.”

Kids are amazing.

We left Serbia for Taiwan in the early Covid time, feeling that Serbia didn’t do much to prevent the pandemic spreading, and Taiwan was much safer place as everyone is cautious. However after about less than a year also, the spread of Covid started pick up and we stopped our elder daughter to go to school and the little didn’t make it to the kindergarten. For some weird reason, we packed our bags after 20 months in Taiwan and went back to Serbia again (later I thought that was a wrong decision, but that’s life, isn’t it).

Ok, since we got to the Balkan land, where nobody worn masks and seriously we got sick every single month. Sometimes just kids, sometimes kids and us, sometimes only parents (but got from kids anyway)… I could not believe. Seems that everyone locally had got immunity already, we could just not fit in.

One day, I got really really sick, probably the flu. I lay in bed and could not get up to make the meal for the little one, she looked at me and sat by me quietly for 5 mins before dropping one sentence and left. “Mommy, you won’t die. Love you.” “Oh, thanks sweetie.” I was a bit amused, of course I knew what she meant. She gave me her wish and she expressed love to me. I felt my temperature dropped 1 degree that moment.

I love my kids.

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