Exploring Marrakech

No matter how ridiculous the parking experience was, I was happy to start exploring the city. After all these years’ on the road, I learned that there will always be problems, just take it easy, if good solution is presented, perfect, if not, just embrace the moment, make the most of NOW.

Marrakech is also called ‘red city’ as you can see red walls all over the place. Our Riad was nice, the host offered mint tea and a few sweet snack upon our arrival, Riads are constructed based on the old Roman vila, with a open central garden in the middle and high walls around, in this way, cooler air shall be kept in the middle and privacy of the occupants. There is a very tiny swimming pool there, you might say like a bathtub, however on the warm days in Aug. you don’t mind jump in and take a dip. Our little one had some great time inside.

Honestly we didn’t have too much time just two night, one full day.  So we went out for dinner the first night, lovely courtyard, a few cute cats, delicious food, we were happy. I adore Moroccan food, they are full of heavenly spice and the tangerine flavor from orange, figs etc.

The next day, we walked to the Jemaa el-Fnaa square… it was really hot, the only thing we did after arrival was finding a café and sat in drinking coffee and orange juice. Just overlooking this massive square and observe the daily life of Moroccans was quite fun.

Then we walked through the zouk and purchased two pairs of shoes for myself and the little one.

At lunch time, we picked one small restaurant and met two travelers from Montreal, Canada and shared the table with them. They just came back from Sahara and gave up some tips.

Then we just back to Riads and the rest of the day was spent there.

2nd note of comparing dreamtrip to free-style trip: transportation. As we were with small child, walk to everywhere wasn’t too realistic, once the child got tired, the adults could not do too much but carrying the child or cut the itinerary short.

The 3rd day, we planned to visit YSL garden before heading back to Casablanca and catch the plane. However, once we droving passing the garden, there was a longggggggggggggggg line in front, I had to give up the idea.

3rd note of comparing dreamtrip to free-style trip: VIP treatment. In most places, dreamtrippers would get the VIP entrance, so no need to wait.

While looking at my friends sharing their photos of 5days-4 night all inclusive trip, I was quite envious!

This is the dreamtrip Marrakech itinerary & I am going back next time for sure!

amazing Marrakech itinerary dreamtrip

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