How to leave breastfed baby at home when on business trip?

I have been living at my parent’s place for a month.  The little one has finally overcome the sickness, becoming very much lively again.  Crawling around and climbing whatever height.

The current headache is that I need to go to overseas for training session for a few days. And although the little one has shown great favour to my mum, but she still very clingy to me. (I also breastfeed her before sleep, through the night).

I suggested to take her with me to the training, as I can stand outside and listen to the speech through interpretation. But my sister rejected this idea as she was afraid that the little one may catch some cold or something again.

So the decision is I go myself, my sister will come to my parents to help taking care of her. Thank you sister.

For sure I have worries.

The little one is not familiar with my sister yet. Met three times, but limited interaction. The little one doesn’t take dummy, not like her elder sister. So she is more clingy towards me when breastfeeding. Although I don’t have enough milk and she also drink formula. But in terms of emotional connection, that was the key point.

I googled online to search for some ideas to help.  Some mum suggested to talk to the baby about upcoming trip and stress on mum still loving you, mum will come back soon and feed you, play with you, etc.  I thought about this as well, but didn’t really do it.  I have about less than two days, I will repeat this at least 10 times a day.  J  Finger crossed.


*well, in the end, I didn’t go to the trip, my husband was mad for me going away or taking baby with me, and everyone in the family actually worries. So, I gave up. But all these preparation did give me some ideas, making me understand the baby more.

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