One week in Brisbane with my 10-month old is a blast

Two different routes this time. My husband and our elder daughter went to London to visit relatives, me and my 10-month old daughter flew down under to Brisbane, Australia to visit my aunty.

First a few days we just lazy around, did some things that my aunty normally would do.  then she off to Japan for holiday with friend. I started planning some outings with the little one for that week.  Most mornings we were just staying at home, after lunch, I took her out, taking train to the city, hanging out & enjoying the city view.


walking around or visiting some specific places. What places? you may ask.

I found libraries here are great place for youngsters. They all have nice selection of books and organize different activities for different age groups.  We went to the city library first, nice view.

we also went to “The Corner” in the state library, south bank, twice. It is open from 10-15:00 every day, however we arrived both times after four o’clock. So the crafting or curating session finished, just the open reading area was open. Honestly, we already enjoyed a lot. I was sipping coffee and the baby crawling around. 🙂

Then I got this little booklet, listing all the activities different local libraries. I found the library in Indoorapilly which is close to where we stay has the rhyme time for baby that Wednesday morning.  and we made it! Although it was only half an hour, but both of us had a great time.

In the art gallery, the little one seems not too involved, so I just took a couple of photos. Don’t you think she is quite resemblance of this sculpture?



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