3rd time in Vienna, feel like a local – AirBnB in Vienna

Last two times in Vienna, we all stayed in hotels.  This round planned a bit longer stay, so AirBnb became the better option, especially during the summer time.

After 13+ hours travel with Aeroflot, me and the little one arrived in Vienna. Overall not too bad experience, however the missing two pieces of luggage made me lose some confidence and a lot of time filing the case.  Then we united with my husband and elder daughter, which was a delight, haven’t seen them for two months.

We drove to our first AirBnB rental place. For me, as usual, it was last min booking —  i just booked this place one night before.

It was a bit late, however check-in process was alright, the place was a bit smaller than I expected (here just note, if AirBnb took the photo, then do expect some difference as you know at the end of the day, it’s an ad.)  But what you need were there.  We settled in & started planning for the next day activity. The most appealing point when I made the booking for this one was its location.  near the forest, you can see quite some view from the window, that was true, however, the unwelcoming rain was there too.  So what we could see was the mountain in the rain.


The 2nd unit was booked on the day we departed from the first property.  I had’t booked anything yet till that morning, then i talked to the owner saying we may stay for another night, she was happy for it.  however just half an hour later, when the rain finally stopped and I opened the window, i saw heaps of ants busy moving something there, which really scared the hell out of me.  Then I said ‘no’ to myself, started searching for another property immediately.   I considered ourselves lucky, as there was one available just for the days we were looking, and boom! the host also replied quickly, then we made the deal.

This place is in suburb, my husband was not a fan for Austria suburbs, however the place itself kinda of solved the problem.  My daughters both loved it. The younger one just turned 1 year old, really enjoyed climbing the stairs. lol.

If you want to get more information or ask any questions about these two Airbnb place, feel free to drop me a line. 🙂

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