Ice Cream Forever!

My desire for sweets was boosted after started dating my husband, and it has never gone away.  I could tell you that I have sweets every day, sometimes just chocolate, sometimes with cakes too.  Most friends may think I have not-bad body shape, I probably will be more fit if I don’t eat too much sweets.

With this habit, it has been hard to educate the kids not to copy, or can I say that maybe in their genes already?  My elder daughter started to consume ice cream from 2 years old, and quite regularly in summer. Remember when we were staying in Ljubljana, Slovenia, we went to the city every weekend to eat ice cream, hmmm, that Vigo ice cream shop was really good. Yum!

Now the 2nd daughter, even earlier.  (blush) I know it is our ‘fault’ as everything was introduced by us. I didn’t hold back my desire of trying different shops or new flavors.  For example, at the moment, we are AirBnbing in Belgrade, Serbia, during last week, I already tried 5 different shops and picked the winner, which I really want to pay another visit.  I gave the little one a few licks. My elder daughter also had fun, she felt too joyful of feeding her little sister.  I  named this as a project ‘sweet tooth in BGD’ to justify my behavior.  Joking, sort of.

Anyway, I try not to think too much of this, as the end of the day, I don’t over eat and try to do some walking every day,  honestly, taking care of kids has been great in terms of weight loss. don’t you agree?

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