Foreigner apply ARC in Taiwan

If you are a foreigner wants to work in Taiwan or live in Taiwan, it is not that easy; many people I know doing the visa run to Hong Kong & taking up the casual English teaching job because finding a company willing to sponsor for work permit is quite rare. When you look at the job market, a lot of posts indicating ‘the candidate must obtain the legal right to work in Taiwan’ or ‘we do not sponsor candidates who don’t have legal rights working in Taiwan.’

Five years ago, I worked in Taipei for 1.5 years, my company at the time helped me get the work permit and ARC (Alien residence certificate) , which I was grateful to. This time we came back, I have been applying to employment gold card for two months, got bounced-back for more supporting documents already four times. I am also looking at getting a job and possibly apply the work permit through to ARC myself, with the necessary help from company.

After some research, I got the process sorted and share with you here if that can be any help.

Step1: Work Permit– Workforce development agency

Can apply online (

When using the photocopy, put “與正本相符”(Same with the original copy) stamp or texts on.  All documents should have company stamp & representative stamp. If your documents are in English, need to supply Chinese translation.  Document needed to be prepared: 1) Original postal receipt (500NTD)    2)  Name List of the employed foreign workers  3) Application form (or apply online)   4) Applicant’s passport copy  5) diploma certificate copy  6) previous work statement  7) employment contract copy  8) company owner ID/passport/ARC copy   9) company registration or business registration copy
Processing time: 7-10 working days

Step2:  Apply for visa 180 days   – Ministry of foreign affairs
Because I am with Australian passport, entering Taiwan has 90-day visa exemption, which could not be used when you want to apply for ARC. So you need to go to Ministry of foreign affiars to apply for 180 days visa.
Documents needed to be prepared: 1) application form  2) two photos  3) passport & copy    4) employment contract   5) pay fee  NTD2400
Processing time: 5 working days

Step3: apply for ARC – immigration
When you finished above two steps, getting ARC is just a matter of time.
Documents needed to be prepared:  1) two photos  2)passport    3)rental agreement     4)application    5)work permit 6) post-back envelope      7) Proof of employment   8)Pay fee  –  2-year 2400 NTD;  3-year 3600 NTD
Processing time: 10 working days

Hope you find this post helpful, if you have any questions or tips to share, feel free to reach out or leave your comments.  Tata!

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