10 Don’ts When Travel With Kids

Time for travel again!

I believe as a seasoned traveler, you won’t feel too much stressed to pack the bag and go. However, now the situation changed, there is that little one or two, looking at you, jumping higher than you and excited to rush out the door before you.  Stop and think! What should you do and don’t, as this may affect the whole experience, to be a joy or a disaster.

In this post, let’s explore the don’t first – 10 don’t when travel with kids.

  1. Don’t over pack
    Remember that you are going to some place for fun, not move the house.  So the worst case scenario is to buy something abroad, for a few days.  If you baby or kid using eco-friendly nappy and you have concern for the sensitivity issue, try some normal brands before you leave, and decide accordingly.
    Over pack
  2. Don’t book last minute
    This is also a reminder for myself.  I am totally a last-minute person, whom my husband always complain about. There are a few downsides about this bad habit: all prices seem go up; you won’t have too many choices which leads to compromise; you may change the original plan.  Any of these happens, it will affect the overall feeling of the trip.
  3. Don’t forget the essentials
    yes, I did say not to over pack, but many things that you need on the road/plane, are regarded as necessary to put into your bag. For example, baby wipes; spare pacifiers; a few diapers; snacks; a change of clothes; plastic bags (for diapers and dirty clothes just in case); toys…
  4. Don’t go just like that
    Research is important. Research the destination, research the airplane, research the hotel, etc. more work put into it will mean less regret later.
  5. Don’t use low-cost airline
    Remember before you baby turns 2, you can always pay 10% of the airfare, which is great. Even when they are over 2 years old, using low-cost airlines are not recommended, as these plane normally will land in remote area, which means increased travel time. Trust me, kids don’t like that, you won’t either.
    low cost airlines
  6. Don’t go to the airport too late
    Leave enough time, as there might be emergencies, like baby want to get fed, unexpected poops, taxi break-down, etc.  also suggest check in online first, then what you need to do at the airport is just the baggage drop.
  7. Don’t leave your kids alone
    This is not to say talk to them all the time, but even when they can can travel in general, don’t just leave them there to watch video although they probably love to do so. It’s not good for their eyes obviously and you can use this time to educate them about the place you are going to visit and things they need to pay attention.
  8. Don’t overdo the plan
    I do recommend parents research about the destination, however not overdo it.  As you don’t want the whole trip to be so restricted but relaxing.  So go to visit some good museums, markets or restaurants, sometimes wandering around is a great idea too.
  9. Don’t be shy
    Don’t be shy to ask for help when necessary.  My husband sometimes is too shy to ask for help, I have to be the one who step forward.  Use the public service available, that’s set up for you.
  10. Don’t panic & enjoy your trip
    Things happen. Even if your child chooses the worst possible time to turn into a screaming beast, take a deep breath, keep smiling and keep calm; say ‘sorry’ to others around and they will understand.  Some parents prepare candies to distribute to people sitting around, just in case this kind of uncontrollable situation happens.

Let me know if you have any more suggestions! Love!

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