5 Must-haves When Travelling with Baby/Toddler

(This post was published 1.5 years ago, lost but found…)

My little one turns to 18 months. Yipee! Sometimes I felt time flew really fast, especially when you look at your kid(s), you still remember the day she/he was born – such a huge difference! Sometimes I still feel time goes by quite slow, when they were being naughty, sick or you just lack of ideas of what to do with them.

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As we have been travelling or say moving around quite often than normal families – Zoey has been living in three continents already within past 18 months. Needless to say, flights and hotel stays are part of our life. I can’t say I am a super organized mum, quite the opposite if you ask her dad. 🙂  However I can share a few things you need to make sure to take with you to save your own life. Phew!

Must-have No.1

Things to keep them busy – toys, your phone/tablet – although screen time before age 2 is not recommended, but on the plane when everybody else is sleeping but her/him screaming, you would totally surrender.
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Must-have No.2

Ear Thermometer – when the little ones got sick in a strange city, you are stuck. So before getting all panic or even teary, find out the real temperature of your baby/toddler is a wise thing to do. Our thermometer wasn’t so accurate, this time Zoey got fever in the middle of the night, we drove to the supermarket at 2am and bought a new one. Such a drama.
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Must-have No. 3

Fever Medicine – the most common 1st symptom of kids getting sick is showing rising temperature. So if unfortunately the temperature become too high (over 39C/ 104F), like Zoey this time, you really need to feed her some medicine as soon as you can (especially when fever normally happens at night – the emergency isn’t’ quite showing signs of urgency).

Must-have No. 4

Pacifier (a lot of them) or their favorite blanket or toys. These are to calm them down when they become fussy.
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Must-have No. 5

Extra everything you may think you have taken enough. Never assume  you have prepared enough — my daughter can pee her clothes three times a day – I pulled my hair trying to figure out how she did that. So pack less of your clothes but more of hers/his.

Travel with kids can be a hassle, but also full of fun! The most important thing is: it’s beneficial to the little ones’ development – seeing them smiling and listening to their laughter are the best cure for my travel fatigue. Oh yeah!

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