5 Rules for Hotel Selection when Travelling with Babies/Toddler

Before having baby, we chose hotels mostly based on its availability – a lot of time last minute booking due to impulse idea to travel. Even the condition sometimes wasn’t so ideal, however with appealing price, we would just took it. Since we spent most of the time outside, only back to hotel to sleep – You just need to minimize the time in hotel, that’s it.

After having the baby, our whole world has changed, including the hotel selection of course. In order to save the cost, no more last minute booking! I normally started looking for rooms at least one month earlier now – be a more sensible mum, I try.  LOL.

Ok, here are a few rules we concluded for hotels selections when you travel with babies or toddlers.

Rule NO1. – Hotel Facilities
Some hotels are just simple – they have nothing! Remember you are not just on your own  anymore. So the most important thing now is good facility in the hotel which can make your life easier.  We like newer hotels which normally with better facilities (such as baby minding service just in case, and pool, etc.); cleaner, odor-free is very important.

Rule NO2. – Hotel Environment
For very basic safety reason, you want nice and peaceful environment/surroundings of the hotel, as you definitely won’t appreciate worrying all the way while walking to the hotel, or need to run and concerned if there will be something unusual happening.

Rule NO3. – Playground nearby
When we were in Malta last Xmas, as the number of hotels was not so huge, the main consideration we had is the playground nearby. As you want the baby/toddler to have enough day activities – exposure to sun and some good run to wear them down for better sleep at night. As many people say, getting them to sleep is an all-day affair. 

small playground

Rule NO4. – Crib & Bathtub in the Room
Babies or toddlers need to nap and sleep. It’s better to get their crib unless you want to sleep together with yours. I always ask for crib, although many times she ended up on our bed, it’s still better to give her the signal that she/he should have their own bed. I always check if there is bathtub in the room to bathe the baby/toddler & they should be working!!!  Last time we stay in hotel in Athens, they did have a bathtub, but there was nothing to cover the drain – the hotel staff said they didn’t supply the plug! What is the point of having a bathtub then?

crib in the hotel, warsaw

Rule NO5. – Read reviews
Try to read more reviews and get a holistic view of hotels that you are interested in. I changed my mind many times based on some critics of the hotel and ignored a few times. The truth is better be cautious than sorry.

If you have any other tips, please share with me.  Sure they can enrich my knowledge as well! Sharing is loving!  🙂  



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