A Sunday Stroll on Dihua Street, Taipei

Dihua Street, very popular in Taipei, has been famous for its commerce since very early times.  Now due to its significant historical status as the oldest street in Taipei and the new meaning of cultural injection, it’s continuously to be popular among all ages.

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon (luckily the rain stopped), we started our relaxing stroll here.  The place was really with the 1920’s feel, greyish outlook and not so tall townhouse style building along the street.  Now many places were renovated with new use – stylish shops, cafes or restaurants, however still a lot old merchants selling all kinds of goods — food, herbs, crafts, medicine, so on and so forth.

We walk, observe, try some food… great joy.

That’s the sign we followed to Dihua Street

DaDaoCheng Dihua Street, Taipei

Young lady was interested in seeing all these wooden kitchenware, actually we found them quite nice too.

Lanterns, love the kitten one


Cute paper mask shop, a lot of people trying and take photos. Actually this is great way of getting hot on social media and attracting more people coming, including buyers.

Trying paper mask

The street with a lot of cloth shops

silk street

The beginning of Dihua Street.

Dihua street

We bought one box of freshly handmade mochi from this guy and found them too tasty, then I came back & bought another box. He wasn’t feeling too surprised, probably a lot of foodies do this. LOL

we love the freshly handmade mochi

Young guy’s coffee stand.

coffee stand

a lot of small stands to sell things. Our daughter was very happy to see the sausage one and we got three.

waiting for sausage to be ready

Aha, saw this Japanese singer again.  Last time he was in the night market near our home, he had a great voice and seems like that’s the way to support his travel. Good luck man!

travelling Japanese singer

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