We decided to experience more around Belgrade, in Serbia

After 10 months, I came back to Belgrade and this time we will stay for at least half year to a year. Me and my husband both wanted to work on our business respectively and make them work better, then we will decide if we are going to stay longer or move to other places.

So as usual, we need to get the little one settled first, then we can rent an apartment near the school. Before that, we stayed in a few AirBnB apartments (since the place had been rented out in different period, we had to move around a bit, not ideal, but manageable). She used to go to Paddington Sunflowers English nursery in new Belgrade on and off during last a couple of years when we were here, and I was thinking to try some bigger place this time. So we visited two schools in Senjak area (nearby a lot of embassies), Brookhill and  International kingdergarten. Also some potential apartments to rent. Those kindergartens are good, however if you combine the living around and convenience of life all together, the advantage wasn’t too large. After one chat with the owner of the Sunflower, also my friend Elena, we decided to still put Zoey with them. And after 9 days trial in August, Zoey was still quite glad to be there, so problem solved. When I consider a nursery for the kid, as my daughter is still young, just turned 4, she want some place to feel at ease, no pressure, and really mix the learning and fun together, a home from home.  So yes, we rent a apartment just in Belville, where the school is located.

While we were staying in one of the AirBnB apartments, I read a few tourist leaflets, actually there are some great place in Serbia. I wasn’t too involved in living here before, so my mind wasn’t open enough. How silly, right?! Now I would like to make the most of my stay, no matter where I go, the good start is here, now, Belgrade.

So I decided, if there is no other obligations, we will visit one place each weekend. You can read about the weekend getaway in the upcoming posts, hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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