The helpful talk with children after school

Our daughter has been to nurseries and kindergartens in a few places, I always thought that she is no stranger to school.  But she sometimes still shows the shyness with many situations, I believe that constant changing may have some association with it.

The other day i picked her up after school and she told me that a boy has hit her  on the face, pointing to a red mark there.  I got quite upset and asked who was that, what happened and if she told teacher, blah blah blah.  She was kinda of in a shock and also lingered in the gloomy mood for some time.

Today after school, i took her to Ballet class. she told me a girl was putting some hat on her today at school but hit her accidentally close to eyes.  I was a bit nervous, close to eyes? however i didn’t show that to her, instead just saying “she didn’t mean to do that, it was an accident, right? this will pass soon.”  my daughter was happy immediately and started to talk something else.

It is obvious that parents’ attitude, emotion can significantly affected kids,  we should direct the good energy towards what happens around them, not the opposite.   We can find out a lot of things in the background, not in front of them, but creating a pleasant atmosphere during the hours we are with them.  Especially when our kids now going to school, we have limited time to spend with them every day, so after-school hours are very important to set the mood for the rest of the day, let’s make them a positive one.

Parenting is a journey, which to make all of us greater.

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