Travel will make your kids smarter

These days as I become the real fan of dreamtrips, I always express the idea and present myself the same way on the social media. Given at the moment, I am in China, I use WeChat as the main channel for communication. It’s a great tool, almost can do everything. Seriously, if you are a foreigner, you can’t imagine how powerful wechat is. Alright, a bit distracted, back to the topic.

Shanghai family

I heard many mums around me saying that they don’t have the need for travel as their kids are too small to take around, they can’t remember anything, which is a waste of money. I could not understand this for a few reasons:
1) Actually there are many researches these days proved that taking babies/kids travelling is a great way to grow. In one research, scientists used the two groups of mouse, one set in a restrained environment, the other in a place with toys, bright lights, etc. after a few months, the mouse in the restrained environment became not responsive and slow; the other set on the contrary, very smart, quick and healthy.
2) I used to think that kids won’t have memories what happened before 3 years old. But the other day, Zoey was talking to me something happened during the trip – she was chasing some other babies in the hotel somewhere, I was shocked. Our perception needs to change! Now the kids are much smarter than we used to be.
3) When travelling, even parents feel relaxed and happy, the emotion will influence kids in a positive way as well. (my husband said that I am much less tense on the road. Lol)



Similarly, babies /kids with similar quality in the beginning, will get affect by the environment and elements touched them along the way of growing.
Travel, provides the rich environment for kids’ growing up, the beautiful scenery is not just pleasant for the eyes, but also increase the intelligence. Give them opportunity to get in touch with the nature, from all senses. Their knowledge gaining is unaided, the sense of curiosity will get stronger and stronger too. Seeing different cultures, meeting different people will also open their eyes and minds from young age, sometimes even give their motivation to learn new languages.


singapore -by sea

Of course I am not saying you have to take babies and kids to travel overseas all the time, but we need to change our mentality that travel is not necessary for babies and kids. Stop finding excuses for our own laziness, be bold and take our kids outside!
Play, travel, learn and grow!

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