My first Dreamtrip! checked! Guilin tour

If you become a dreamtrips member, within 90 days, you can book a welcome trip which is cheaper than usual. (about 70-80 dollars than normal member), so my friend encouraged me to book a trip as soon as possible.  Actually you have no need to travel in 90 days, just need to finish booking, then travel on the dedicate dates.

Ok, after some checking and sorting dates, I finally booked the welcome trip to Guilin, Guangxi province China. I have been there many years ago, this time mainly for my husband and daughter, to let them see more places in China.

The day finally came, our flight was alright took 3 hours to get there.  Then while walking out of the airport, I saw the famous blue flag “you should be here.”  felt like a fish found the water. 🙂  unfortunately the last car just left, we were told need to wait for 2 hours for the next one, so we took the cab ourselves and arrived at the hotel.

The welcome table was immediately seen after entering the hotel gate, one local tourist guide and two hosts were there, very cheerful and explained clearly on a few things, then we got the gifts and Zoey even got the lovely host Ray sing “let it go” for her, of course she was both happy and a bit shyish at the same time!

dreamtrips reception

Great! we got the upgrade of the hotel room too! now on the executive floor.  Good to be a platinum member, right?  😉

Well, I don’t want to talk about every single detail to bore you, will describe based on “eat”, “stay” and “play”.

There is a famous saying among dreamtrips members “every trip will put 3kg on you”, well don’t be scared that if you have the weight loss plan, it only trying to interpret that the food quality are very nice. Most will be high quality buffet style,  sometimes will be the table meal including all the local cuisines, so you wont’ worry that leaving the place without trying the local food.

I admit that I didn’t take too much photos.  so here you go – some local food. 🙂

Guilin food - dreamtrips

During the free time, I also went to some famous local place and tried the famous guilin rice noodles.  very tasty. now when I am thinking about it, my mouth is watering.

gulin rice noodle


Nonetheless to say, that we were staying in one of the best hotels in Guilin – Sheraton hotel.  It has good facilities and the setting was comfortable. so just a few photos lah.

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Dreamtrips normally are kinda of ‘free and easy’ style, and it will cover the most signature places that you can’t miss in the destination.  So we went to Lijiang cruise, Yanshou rafting, watched “Liusanjie” show directed by renounced director Zhang Yimou, and we had one day to do anything that we wanted.  Then the tour guide also offered very discounted price for another boat ride to photograph the elephant mountain at the best angle.

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One thing I want to point out, during all these, the kids were so happy together.  You met people coming from different places, countries, all very nice. Especially kids hit it off so quickly, they already became friends within hours.  and I believe that the sweet memory will be with them for a very long time.  I also became friends with some parents, and we will stay friends via online channel.  Probably in the future we will be in the same trip again.

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WeChat Image_20170609134003 WeChat Image_20170609150533 WeChat Image_20170609150549

So I call it a success!

and I already booked another trip to Jeju island in July.  Wait for my next post!

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You should be here!

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