Christmas time again!

Wow, can you believe it’s Christmas time again!

2020 has been a year with so much ups and downs, so many people at the beginning of the year was expecting this year to be fantastic — 2020, sounds so cool right? however, just from the mid Jan… and continue till now, things just got totally out of control.

Anyway, it comes to an end, now what we learned was to appreciate everything in life, and do our best to CARE, care for ourselves, care for our family, care for the community, care for the environment. If most people can understand this and put into practice, then this whole year wasn’t a waste.

OK, Christmas.

we don’t have too much supplies here, pandemic did have affect on grocery availability and if my husband (who is in charge of shopping these days sees some staffs in the shop sneezing or coughing, he wouldn’t touch that area, which kinda of reduce our choices further…), we already purchased some kids’ favorite snacks, and of course the gifts from “santa parents”, lol.

here are some nice photos from baking loving friend, really appealing. I feel a bit lazy at the moment, after cooking three meals for almost a year every single day… and without too many fancy tools and materials… you must understand what I mean.

Hohoho, anywayz, it’s Christmas! and New year is coming too.

I am excited. you must be as well. Let’s pray for a wonderful new year.

Lots of hugs and much love for this beautiful world. Keep calm and game on.

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