What does the best Kindergarten in the world look like?

Let kids be kids. This is really easier saying than done.

I could not say that I am great with giving ‘freedom’ to our little one, I always think I chase her around too much in the playground while seeing other parents just sitting far away.  Maybe that’s the reason my daughter is scared sometimes  to do a bit more challenging tasks.

This video is very inspiring. It explains how the designers in Japan developed and built this great kindergarten by marrying design and education.  From the children’s perspective, from how the kids interact with surroundings, the space provided here has managed to gone for extra miles – such fresh idea and excellent execution.  Kudo to those educators who truly understand what the children need and want,  this inviting, challenging and playful environmental design is a masterpiece.  I feel so grateful for them and almost start imagine to move to Japan and send my daughter there! 🙂

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