My initial view on World Ventures

I know a lot of people think that WV is a scam, a pyramid scheme built on membership fees.

You know what? I don’t think these claim is 100% fair or right, I don’t think people should just criticize something that they think is not right. Or maybe similar to something they have negative association before.

For WV, although I haven’t tried the products yet, I already think that it has values. Nobody ask you to book with them all the time, you can be the planner of your own trip, you can combine all different options. For me, it is one option among many others available on the market.

In terms of the part that people argue most is the recruiting new members, and gain passive income from your under lines. However, that’s what most direct-selling companies do, their business model is based on referral, they don’t do mass communication, no big media investment, instead, all the
“marketing’ money should be given to the representatives.

I can’t say too much now as I am only the newbie. I will contribute to this topic once I gain more knowledge and experience over time with the company & services.

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