My first a few intents on introducing WV to friends

First a few trial conversations with some relatives and friends weren’t total success, but I already assumed that. It’s a journey, I believe. And how do you define ‘success’ anyway?

One old high school classmate is doing tourist guide work right now, I thought that he wouldn’t care too much since WV is sort of competitor to normal tourist company (to a certain level, not too extreme local groups); but if he wants to use his profession as an advantage, I believe this can be a fantastic catch. As expected, he said “No! this is illegal.” “and because you were my good friend and classmate, I will tell you this, otherwise I will just ignore you.” “Alright, alright.” I said in Wechat message, “don’t kill the messenger.” Interesting chat.

Some learnings: 1) Chinese people are in general don’t like people sell things to them directly, they regard that as too pushy; 2) Some are concerned about the monthly fee, which is not associated as good value 3) The best way to influence others now is to use your own examples, so need to really use the products and show how good it is 4) Start slow but be consistent.

Will share more when I grow more.

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