Leaving Beijing for Europe, packing, planning and so on

After quitting my job, everything became clearer.  I decided to devote large % of myself into World Ventures business and not going back to any office 9-5 (while it never was 9-5 to me anyway) anymore.  I was going to take daughter to Belgrade to meet her dad. Before leaving, a lot of things to deal with, sort all rental issue since need to tell the landlord that I was not going to stay here any longer (with one month rent wasted as I was breaking the contract), sort out Zoey kindergarten issue, pack and move a lot of things to my parents…

Although I was having headaches for the things above, I still managed to think positively as to squeeze some trip on the way to Europe.  Why not eh?  It can be the reward to myself and family after all these turmoil… lol

I started checking some dreamtrip options.  Actually I was interested in one Latvia trip, it was not expensive at all, about $200 something per person, you can also deduct some points. And it was fun with some treasure hunt game that would be carried out in the old city. However, there was only one space left and the hotel room was too small to accommodate 3 people. Then I had to switch the direction.

Overheard the conversation in an offline meeting with the fellow dreamtrippers, they were talking about going to Morocco, not bad idea. I checked the trips actually they were going to Casablanca and Marrakech, which are connected two trips.  I consulted with my hubby, he wasn’t happy to go to the trip, thinking it’s not necessary and quite a diversion from original plan.  But I insisted.  However I kinda of compromised, only booked the trip to Casablanca but not Marrakech (which I regretted a lot later) as it seems quite long and doesn’t include the Sahara dessert (what I was thinking going to dessert in the hottest days of the year).

Anyway, we were going to Morocco before heading to Belgrade.  The plan was set.  I got quite excited and looked forward to the departure date.


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