Devil’s Town – Serbia weekend series

As you know that we wanted to visit almost all the significant places in Serbia, so that’s what we have been doing for the past a few months.  This time, it’s turn to go to see Devil’s town.

It’s in south Serbia, about 2.5 hours drive from Belgrade.  A rock formation created by erosion and two springs of extremely acid water with high mineral content.

There is one legend about how the formation was created —- petrified wedding guests who wanted to marry a brother and sister on devil’s orders. Then God punished them by turning them into stone to stand as a reminder that no sin goes unpunished. girl walking in the little woods

spring with mineral content devil's town

We walked slowly uphill, these place wasn’t too high up, so not a problem for either me who was 5 months pregnant or for my 4-year old.

small sculptures in front of a shop

We stopped at the small church to pray for all the bad feelings/moments/thoughts to go away and stay here in devil’s town by writing them down on a piece of white paper/handkerchief then tie it on a tree.

St. Petka's church sign devil's town

tie the while handkerchief on a tree

The view at the top was great! It was definitely worth the climb!

rock formation devil's town

We visited during the day, actually you can see a lot of lights were hang around the place, so it must look great at night as well.


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