Happy national teddy bear day

Oh. Today is the National Teddy Bear Day.  “let’s pack teddy” of course should celebrate!  From travelling with one teddy, now we already have 5 teddies! Lol…  I bet if we have not been moving around, we would have more!  

What is Teddy Bear Day anyway? From a few sources –

Teddy bears are named after US president Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. In the hunting expedition, there was no game to be found, so at the end of the day someone brought out a baby bear to be the “victim”. But Roosevelt refused as he didn’t feel right. A New York toy maker saw an opportunity afterwards and created this cute stuffed bear named “Teddy’s Bear”…

For many reasons, teddy bear is one of the most popular toys for children, as well as for adults. You can feel it from the movie “Ted”.  

move ted - happy national teddy bear day

How are you going to celebrate the day? A picnic?  A movie? Maybe.  Or just a lot cuddles if you have been ignoring them for a while…everybody will appreciated the time well spent.  I ask my little one to pose with her teddy, they are very adorable together. 🙂

happy teddy bear day love my teddy bear little girl with teddy bear

Happy “national teddy bear day”, our dear friends!  Let’s keep the exciting journey on! 

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