Not to give up!

I could not help remembering about myself being at young age, always changed the ‘hobbies’, from painting, dancing, singing, calligraphy, a bit of sports to actually nothing. So I didn’t end up having a specialty like others who can play violin or piano, at least one song. I lost interest easily and then changed to the next one. However my dad was busy working, he didn’t even know what I was doing and my mum didn’t say much about my constant change. She just let me do that.  Now I have more or less resentment towards them on this matter, as a child really needs parents’ guidance on these things, encouragement, even a bit punishment, for a better result.

I really feel envious for people who do end up with some arty specialties in dancing or playing some musical instrument, which they can enjoy in their spare time.  I hope that I can help my kid develop nicely in this department, which myself is lacking.  As I am almost the latest one to give birth among my circle of friends, I have witnessed them educating their kids on picking up and practicing instruments… sometimes one or more. what I saw was patience, persuasion, sometimes a little bribe, laughter and tears…  However luckily at the end of the day, was the sense of achievement, the satisfying smile on all faces, which was priceless.

I will start looking for some tutor or school for our little one to get started, to get some involvement, and I will tell her not to give up no matter what hardship she may feel. I will encourage her to enjoy the process, without the expectation that she may one day become a professional player and make a living from that, too much thinking for the start.  I just want her to have fun, to enjoy, to have something to cherish during her growing up, and one day she will feel thankful from the bottom of her heart.


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