Meaningful lesson on raising great kids – without over parenting

To be honest, I have been a bit nervous lately.  Our little one is turning 3 years old very soon, and we still seemingly not decided where to settle for longer time next after Slovenia, which made me worry about how to find a good preschool for her.

I was late to have baby comparing to all my friends, whose kids all now in primary school.  For last a few years, I kept hearing their stories of how to find good preschools, schools, extra curricular mentors, etc.  should I do the same?  I could not let my daughter to fall behind, right?  But since we have been moving from place to place, we basically don’t have a great network in one place or enough time of living in one place to participate in any government run institutes that many countries require.  So private one are only options, which are definitely more expensive and demanding in some sense.  I have a lot of things that I want the little one to learn.

After putting Zoey to sleep tonight, I got some time for myself. So I browsed some new videos on TED.  Then noticed this one as “How to raise successful kids” title is definitely very eye-catching. 🙂

It’s a life saver.

It was talking about exactly to me as those bothering thoughts linger in my head.  Although some part is not relevant yet,  the basic idea is to not create a checklist when raising  your child and not ask your children to fulfill your unmet dreams.

It’s easier said than done, I know. But it’s liberating.

Watch when you have 14 minutes to spare.


Contact of the speaker
Julie Lythcott-Haims – Academic, author

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