How I became a member of WV as a newbie

I see myself as a good traveler, I mean good-experienced traveler.  Been travelling to more than 20 countries in past a few years, and lived in about 10 different places, varying from 15 days to 2 years.

As this time I decided to stay in Beijing for an extended period, and got a job. So apart from busy juggling between work and being a mother, I started to get to see my old school mates, friends, colleagues are doing.

The best channel actually is Wechat.  If you don’t know what is WeChat, it’s like WhatsApp and facebook combined, but much more powerful.  It’s a mobile app (also has desktop version), but you can do almost everything on it, from order food, call taxi, pay all utility bills and go dutch on meals, etc.  you can download one yourself and play around with. But of course it’s more popular among Asian countries.  Anyway, I get to reconnected with some old friends in Beijing, and get to see their lives through WeChat.

There is this friend, she posted a lot of travel images, with this blue banner on it “You should be here”. Apparently it’s from some organization, I believe.  Then some images of her going to the company meeting. As I love travelling, so I do check out all the post she updated every day.

It’s a travel club with direct sale model, called World Ventures. I didn’t search for more info. But felt interested as the claim is travel the world and earn money at the same time. Fantastic proposition, right?  But I received a lot of invitation on Instagram, some people say that want to share their secret about travelling while maintaining their expense, I was guessing probably something similar. But still that was guessing.

So when one day she was posting that by xx date, if you join as a managing member, then you can have the chance of removing some fees.  As a sensitive person to certain keywords of ‘removing fees’, I sent her a message asking about it.

And I joined this club.

If you think that I wasn’t too cautious.  I was doing certain level of research of the company – some bad reviews of course calling it scam, pyramid scheme, etc.  but some advocates. So just like everything else, having supporters and haters. I do my own judgement – it’s not a pyramid, WV has its own products (and I am going to try some myself), the business model it is using called MLM (multi-level-marketing) together with referral marketing.  These days,  a lot of companies if not all, using referral marketing, recommend to your (x number of friends), when they make the first move/action, you will have x dollars in your account, ring a bell?  😊  not exactly the same, but essence is the same.

Contact me for more info. if you are interested.



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