Booking my first Trip with WV – Failed?

Due to some visa issue, I need to go out of the country every month.  Which is a good excuse for travel, although bad for wallet. After a few times going to the easiest option – Hong Kong, I am thinking about other surrounding countries/cities. 

Since I am already a WV member, why not give it a go? And experience myself how the product look like? I started searching on the APP for some options.

I love beach. After a few months without touching the salty water, I am bugged for that.  Never been to Bali, this is duel reason for me to put Bali in the search box.

Saturday afternoon I was lying in bed with my daughter companion her to nap. I found a few trips to Bali in the next 2 months.  One was particularly interesting as the timing was great too. End of April. If I have to leave the country again by end of April, then this one is perfect. 4 nights – Not too much activities, most in the great hotel resort and relax – totally what I wanted.  I tried to book.  And the system did say this is the last room.  Well, I went through the process but stopped at the last point. I was thinking how to extend the trip a bit longer, maybe go to Jakarta before or after?… my travel bug started bothering me… also need to disucss with husband… ok, wait till a bit later to book.

Then Sunday when I tried to search the same package again.  It was gone.  Said “sold out”. 

It’s a painful lesson.  The popular tours are popular, and you need to hurry to grab them. 


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