Our 1st Layered Crepe mango cake for little one’s 3-year birthday

As we have been stuck at home for quite long time, cooking some new stuffs are inevitable. lol

For our younger daughter Ella’s 3-year birthday, we have been discussing what kinda of cake we were going to get.  The choices from the shops nearby are not so much, so our elder daughter Zoey suggested we make ourselves.  “How about thousand layered crepe mango cake? it’s yummy!” “yes, and it took ages to make.” I replied.

But after some back and force ‘discussion’, mainly was Zoey’s ‘brain washing’ style talk, I gave up, also I was quite a fan of mango and dessert (i eat dessert every day, including chocolate, that’s why till today i haven’t got my six packs…lol)

Ok, one day before little one’s birthday, we got everything ready.  I think.  First, to make crepes.  I used the store bought waffle flour, added 5 eggs and milk, then here we go.  I didn’t really measure how much ‘ml’ to ‘gram’ I put in, just by feeling of it.  So for the amount I used, I made 13 crepes.  Good number, although I wanted to make more, but really lazy to prepare again, so “oh, Ella’s birthday is July 13, good match of number. haha!”
making crepes for cake

Then cut the mango, this part was easy and tasty. lol
mango mango
oh how i love mango
cutting the mango


Zoey helped me to beat the cream, well, we didn’t have the mixer, so she was trying her best to beat it, the result wasn’t so appealing, however we accepted it.  Great chance I explained to her that right tool is very important for achieving good result.
Zoey beats the cream

Then we started putting the crepes and mango together, a bit like building a house by concrete and bricks… quite fun.


me and zoeyalmost final crepe mango cake

Although the cream was too liquidly, it did the job.  Our cake wasn’t too tall, but it looked quite Ok (i thought so, and tasted fab), the little one was busy helping eating the mango while we were building the cake. Not bad, she was trying to help.

Ella helps eating mango while we making the cake

Last step putting into the fridge, waiting for the next day to come and try our cake!

decoration and doll house


*I have to come back and report that Everyone was very very happy with the layered crepe mango birthday cake,  and we couldn’t not to make another one already.
ella eating the mango cake satisfied

** I already bought one mixer online, so next time we will make even better looking cake. 🙂


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